Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 3 - Proud.

I am sitting at our hotel with a table full of our team members. And I feel like for the past 3 days I have been given the privilege to watch 15 college students and adults be transformed--to be ruined from ordinary things. I have watched children in the slums of Mathare be touched by white American students. When these college kids walk into a place with 400 children, the children scream with glee and swarm us shouting, "How-are-you!?" The teachers of the school have found hope from our students. The youth of Mathare--grades 7-12th have been encouraged. They have danced with us in their church services. They have taught us their songs and we have taught them a few of ours. We have worshipped together in amazing and unbelievable ways.

I watched Steve Hrvatin and Alison Moskal walk into two separate 8x10 foot steel shacks with over 40 children in each one. I watched them refuse to hesitate and begin teaching and LOVING these children. I watched the sadness on their faces when we had to leave.

I watched Eric Trier catch a bug for evangelism in these same shacks that serve as houses. Then I watched him celebrate getting to do evangelism again in a rural area today.

I watched Danielle Scott and Kristin Momyer as their hearts were broken for the patients and families at the Beacon of Hope HIV/AIDS clinic as Grace, an employee of the clinic shared her joy in God as an HIV positive woman.

I have watched the Kingdom of God be lived out this week. I have seen glimpses of Heaven in the slums and at the Beacon of Hope--and I have seen it on the faces of this team.

Tonight we went around our group and shared one word to describe our day. Mine was "proud".

**And as a sidenote--at this moment I'm sitting at a table with a few from this team listening to them share their hearts to go home and continue this passion.

This is a privilege.

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